10 Activities To Interact With Children


How about getting into your child’s world to know them better? According to psychologists there are some activities that can help having a good relation with your child and you beside having joyfull times. Here are 10 of them which may also help developing emphaty in the family. Let’s stop being adults. Try to be like a child, think like a child. To save our children from the world outside we should know them better than anyone.

1- Prepare Meals Together:

Get into kitchen and prepare your childs favourite meals, snacks with your loved ones. Use drama, make carrot talk and make potato laugh. And you will see your child eats more desirous.

2- Be A Hubble, Watch Out Sky:

Come on and admit every one of us was curious about sky, stars, moon and sun. So your child is. Have a cheap telescope and observe sky with your little ones. Imagine shapes and rename stars. Even you may make camping a nearby park or forest. But you can also use your balcony and terraces. You may discover your child’s interence in astronomy or literature.

3- Be A Cartoon Character:

Try to be your favourite cartoon characters with your children. You may use harmless face colourings. You may also make your own costumes with some stuff around. And by this way your child’s creativity and craft abilities will develop.

4- Sand Castles:

Okey everybody loves sand castles. And so easy to build or not? be careful about the waves and enjoy the time with your little architect.

5- Be A Farmer:

You eat your fruits and you have seeds to plant. To raise a nature lover person, to raise a naturalist person this may be initial step. Who knows may be you have a tree next year.

6- Watch Movies:

Have a regular cinema day in a week. At home or in cinema just watch your child’s favourite movies together.

7- Be An Artist:

Just take crayons and paint whatever you want. This is like a theraphy in this exhausting world for you and your child.

8- Legos, Puzzles etc:

Have a regular puzzle or lego times with your child. Your childrens’ concentration, patience and creativity will develop by this way.

9- Play Computer Games:

To control your child in the web environment you don’t need to be a cruel parent. You may just play computer games with your children.

10- Take Photos:

Take photos with your children to increase their curiosity.


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