Effects of Alzheimer Disease


Alzheimer is one of the serious mental ailments in the world. Many people have been affected by this illness where their brain cells get damaged and fail to function appropriately. At the early stages, the patient is always in the state of denial. The disease has multiple effects on the human’s body.

One of the effects of Alzheimer is that it causes memory loss. The person affected by this disease is affected by forgetfulness. He or she cannot remember things easily which can make the individual even to lose the job. The elderly affected by Alzheimer can even forget essential things in life like their names and places of residence.

Hallucinations and imagining things that do not exist are also major effects of Alzheimer. During the night, the person affected with Alzheimer will have difficulties in sleeping. The things he or she thinks are disturbing causing discomfort in his or her life.

Alzheimer causes difficulties in speaking which can lead to stammering. The people affected by this illness will feel uncomfortable to speak in public because of embarrassment. It makes the patient live in a confusion state. Although there is no establish curing method, it is advisable to visit the nearest doctor for further consultation when you start developing signs of memory loss and forgetfulness. It will simplify the treatment and prevention process of Alzheimer.

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