Is A Healthy Lunch Box Or Not


It is important for children to have a healthy lunch box in order to have a healthy diet habit in their future lifes. Beside increasing school achievement and concentration having a healthy lunch box has also big importance on growth and development of children.

School times are important terms for children in terms of gaining life time habits. Such as sleeping times, eating habits and studying habits etc. So having a healthy lunch box at this time helps children have a healthy eating habits in the future. A healthy diet also helps preventing diseases in children. How to prepare a healthy lunch box? According to nutritionists in a healty lunch box 4 main foodstuff should be found. Also lunch box should be easy and light to carry. 4 main foodstuff are:

  1. bread and grain
  2. vegetables and fruits
  3. meats
  4. dairy products

Firstly the brekfast is the most important meal in a day. Cause night time starvation makes us weakener. And the energy the brain needs is met by the brekfast. The research results show that children who had brakfast more energetic and succesful at the school. Foods such as egg, olive, cheese, milk, bread consumed during breakfast provide the energy needed all they. For midday proteinaceous foods such as some chicken or meat with whole grain breads and milk or cheese or yoghurt with seasonal vegetables and fruits may meet children’s needs.

For snacks dried fruits and nuts may be enough and they also help brain development. To have a healthy body one needs a health diet habits and healthy diet habits can be formed at school age with a healthy lunch box.


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