Mom’s Feelings Effect Baby’s Sense Of Trust


According to psychologists the basic need of people is sense of trust, feeling secure. People have conclusions about life based on their first experiences about life. And in behalf of the results sense of trust to the people and world develops. And this is called basic sense of trust.

Basic sense of trust starts to take shape in pregnancy period.  The baby starts having a place in mother’s mind. So mom’s feelings effect baby’s sense of trust directly.  When the baby was born the world seems so confused and complexed and very new. Also the world seems so worrying for them. They need to be fed, dry and clean diapers, slept regulary, being soothed and protected from external factors. So for all these needs a baby need an adult. The mother should:

meet the needs regulary and constantly,

be kind and compassionate,

have eye contact,

hug and embrace baby.

When mother fullfill these needs baby feel himself secure and loved. The world gets more safe and liveable place for baby by this way the main sense of trust develops positively.  As the babies’ needs are met after crying the relation between mom and baby gets stronger. And this strong relation becomes an example for future relations. For the first four months the baby feel him or herself together with mom. The baby can’t individuate herself from her mom. This is the most important period for sense of trust. So the mom should know the period and shouldn’t away from the baby for long hours. After 4 months the baby starts recognizing his mom individualy from him. After 7 months the baby starts to interest surrounding environment. And the baby starts to alienate other people. About after 9 months the baby starts to leave from his or her mom. And then after 14 months baby gets more active, curious and explorer. At this period when mom leaves baby long time baby gets more anxious as thinking mom gone forever.  After 2 years old the baby starts to develop emotionally and feel more comfortable about leaving mom.

According to psychologists the relation between mom and baby is effected by these factors:

  • Mom’s relations with own family members,
  • Mom’s relation with her husband,
  • Mom’s psychology and mood,
  • Mom’s physiology and health,
  • Mom’s condition after birth,
  • Economic problems,
  • Either mom and dad are willing to have the baby or not.

If mom and dad are willing to have the baby, the potpartum period passes easier and quiet. Mom’s mood effects baby’s sense of trust directly. So the parents should be ready and eager to have baby.


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