Risks and causes of breast cancer


Many people in the world are affected by breast cancer. It may be due to the genes of the family members that cause the development of cancer cells in their body. However, cancer can affect any person. Many factors lead to breast cancer, and they are clearly detailed below.


Although breast cancer can also affect young women, the highest percentages of females who have contracted the ailment are above 50 years. The risks increase as the age of the individual increases.

The Reproductive History of the Woman

The females who bear their first baby after 30 years or those who opt not to have a child are at a high risk of contracting breast cancer. The tissues of the breast become flexible and healthy when you breast a child. They contract if you decide not to have a child and lump may develop in future causing breast cancer.


The risk of getting breast cancer is 100 times higher in women than in men. Although men can be affected, only a few cases have been recorded worldwide as compared to women.


Excessive alcohol consumption is dangerous. The act increases the risk of contracting numerous diseases including breast cancer. Regular intake of alcohol is not recommendable because it can even damage your brain.


Research proves that obesity and overweight after the menopause for women are harmful because they can lead to breast cancer. Excessive body fats lead to increased estrogen levels in the body. Body exercises are recommendable.

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