Breast Cancer Risk Factors


What is the breast cancer? What are the indications of this? And how about the breast cancer risk factors? These and more can be found in this article. But firstly must not be forget that the breast cancer is not only seen in women. It is also seen in man and even in animals. But especially women are the target for the cancer cells. And incerasing of the age can be reason of the increased tendency.

Breast cancer is a cancer type, which starts from the breast cells. After the lung cancer it is the second most common type of cancer. And especially women are in the target by the cancer cells. Because, they have a complex milk tissue. And this tissues are the perfect growing field for the cancer cells. Breast cancer cells can grow just in a short time, and increase just in a moment after being occured.

Breast cancer can be understandable by the self. Because, when anyone touchs their breast, a small tumor comes to his/her hand. And this is first step that the putting cancer diagnosis. After this diagnosis, the person must follow some steps that get rid of this disease. Sometimes treatment is take only some procedure but generally it takes a long treatment time and periods. To make it easy and overcome of this, diagnosis and a good treatment is very important. Anyway,let’s talk about the breast cancer indications and risk factors.

Breast cancer indications generally can be learned by the patient. When the patient see an abnormal situation on her/his breast, he/she touches the suspicious area and will see the a small about the 1 cm. tumor there. It is generally seen like making this method. Because, the tumor cells are hard and swollen so, it is very easy to understand. But sometimes, breast cancer symptomes are complex and insidious. So for learning this disease must take MR and X-Ray on hospital. The real things will be seen according to the results. So, what are the risk factors for breast cancer?

Breast cancer risk factors : if you are a woman most probably you are effectively a target for the breast cancer cells. Because, womens have more risk and it is more about a hundred times of a man. And die rate is 1 woman in 8. It is very dangerous. The other risk factor is higher than 50 age.Because, according to the some results, women which higher than 50, can be take this risk %50 more than young women. The family history is very important to get this disease. Because, if there is any one who has/had this illness at the pass, this is also a risk for you. If you took birth control pill in a long time it is also occured some risk for breast cancer. If you give birth never or after your 30’s it means you are in the risk. The feding is also important for this disease. Because, when the person uses and eats insistently faty foods this can wake up the breast cancer cells. All of them are the risk factors of breast cancer.

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