Homemade Remedies For Cold And Flu


With the coming of winter and unstable weather being sick is our the biggest problem nowadays. None of us wants to have a runny nose especially if you are a mother or teacher. As the last resourches showed using antibiotics are no more curative since overuse we have to find more effective ways to get well immediately.

Many years ago people used to herbal treatments for cold and flu. May be we just need some natural remedies for our ilnesses instead of using so many medicines and antibiotics. Here are some effective remedies for cold and flu. Of course my advice is to take precautions before being sick. But in a global and crowded world it is inevitable to be sick sometimes. These remedies are told to me by my elders cause I am a new mother with a baby girl that I don’t wanna use antibiotics or other vaccines. I tried and found some usefull. Here are the homemade remedies for cold and flu:

But be carefull about allergy or intolerance to the ingredients.

Mint And Lemon Tea:

Runny nose and fever is the main symptoms of cold and flu. Menthol inside the mint helps breathing and it is a good decongestant. Also this mint lemon tea can be used as an expectorant.


Onion is used as flu remedy for many years. Not only eating just keeping a half onion in your bedroom helps your recovery. According to scientific researches onion collects viruses and bacterias causing us be flu from the air. If you don’t wanna eat you just put your bedroom a half onion you see your sinuses getting relaxed the next morning. I use this every time my baby gets sick.

Face Steam:

That is an amazing cure also I loved most. All of us knows the benefits of Vicks Vaporub. Take a medium boy bowl, pour some boiling water then add 2 – 3 tea spoon of vicks and take a towel and just bend on your knees make your face expose to the steam. You see your sinuses opening immediately.

Herbal Teas:

There are so many herbs to fight with cold and flu. You can prepare your personal herbal tea mix according to your taste or you can just make tea using one of them. Nettle leaf, elderberry, ginger, yarrow, chamomile and peppermint. These herbs help you getting well sooner. I use a mixture consisting ginger, flos althaeae and pomegranate blossom. Just boil 2 cups of water and add a piece of each wait 10 mins and its ready. To make it tastier for my baby I use honey.

I am not a doctor or medical person but I am a mother who doesn’t like antibiotic ever so I always try herbal, natural homemade treatments at first and thanks god my baby hasn’t needed antibiotics for 3 years. Nature gives us everything we needed as long as we look deeply. Have a healthy winter =)


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