How Social Media Can Trigger Your Next Best Holiday Destination


Did you know that large portions of our choices, regarding our decisions for vacation destinations, are under the influence of what our friends and family talk and post about on Social Media? You heard that right. We are all either unintentionally telling or are being told where to go next. When looking for any solid suggestion for holiday destinations, we do not walk far off but find solutions close-by. However accidentally it may be, just regular private accounts on Social Media – more often now than ever before – are functioning exceptionally well as the intermediary between travel destinations and their end-users. This is an indirect yet effective way of advertisement for travel businesses.

The discovery was brought to our attention with the publication of a recent study on the subject. The study revealed that Social Media, especially among close relations, is the next best but more efficient tool for researching places suitable for travelling to your tastes. We as social beings are proved to be better inclined towards trusting people of whom we know. Therefore, instead of searching through travel agencies, we seem to be more prone of listening to real and unfiltered experiences – from people whom are not interested in your money, but in the belief that you too will have a good time traveling. Moreover, what better place do we have today other than Social Media for the task of sharing? Not only do we post where we are travelling off to, but we also provide the visuals. No, we are not shy in the least about posting our holiday pictures in all of its attractiveness for all to see – and it works wonders and keeps businesses running, apparently.

The study was revealed as an infographic first conducted and finally published by Internet Marketing Inc. As a near seventy-six percent of the individuals surveyed could attest that they indeed had a habit of posting their vacation photos on Social Media; another fifty-two percent could testimony to have formed their travel planning as inspired by friends´ photos on social networks. The claim is that in recent years, this has formed into somewhat of a trend, a movement even. Although it is the customers, doing the work of attracting more in, the general travel businesses is still the one to win in the end.

In relation to the study, it was also brought to attention that no less than fifty-five percent of all individuals surveyed, usually subscribed to several pages on the social networks relating to their travel plans. This is a very important point not to be missed. If businesses can improve on coaxing their customers into taking a lot of attractive pictures from their stay, persuade them to more than happily share these same pictures with words of gratitude attached to them; it seems to be very likely that these customers will return and that others in their social circle will do too.

Just with these clarifications in place, a resort already has plenty of data in hand to lay their business strategy. For one, think of how an in-house professional photographer service could improve businesses and customer satisfaction levels. Single stay-in customers or groups of the same need not take selfies or sacrifice one from the crowd to take a somewhat decent picture as a memoire. Instead, they could get professional help. Not only would an “external” photographer be able to capture the full frame, but no one from the group or body parts even, would have to be lost.

These statements nor suggestions do not propose that businesses in the travelling sector are not aware of these dynamics, or that they do not apply strategies to enhance its effects. Some do of’ course and some will always be a step ahead.

These considerations for social media strategies are especially important when wanting to attract those segments with cancelled out vacations and stays at other places: either because they change hotels or destinations. This is a portion of potential customers often forgotten. So because travel agencies or hotels nearby does not always have room when their neighboring hotel in the area or the whole destination itself has to disappoint approaching customers; with the dreaded ‘no rooms available’ sign; the disappointed acquaintances turn to social media or their phone to look-up who is where. So begins the adventure of checking friends’ reviews, checking their destinations and even asking some about places they might or might not want to suggest. Special services for offering cancelled out rooms and advertising about this on-location, aimed at customers that will function as intermediaries, might very well come in handy.

Some of the more careful and up-to-date businesses certainly take notes and work on ways to triggering your next best holiday destination through Social Media. Some of their efforts lay in the production of fun, interactive posts. These are oftentimes posts, which encourage former, current as well as potential customers to share the content for either the joy of it or the possibility of earning a benefit.

Again, some even pay attention to proven data and invest in proper communication and advertisements to convince the customer segments with these. For instance, you will hear some bringing up how scientists have proven a link between vacationing and happiness, and how these bring along several health benefits. You will also hear of some promoting longer vacation breaks to help bring you even more benefits that boost both you mental and physical health.

At the end of the day, it is all about making it a fun experience for the customer. It is about making them feel that they were valued, that they got a good value pack and lots of fun – to secure a re-visit or that they at least cannot contain themselves but talk about their last best vacation with their social circle – on Social Media.

For travelling businesses, this is just a small investment with larger chunks of rewards. So think about it.


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