Every Payday is unique in our lives, in fact, special for people around us also as they look forward to their salaries and pending shopping lists. Not all of us are good at managing our finances, and some are over enthusiastic and get very excited about doing shopping. The Sale period is the best part of the year. We like to call them shopaholics.

These 18 life hacks will help you to survive between paydays if you feel like I am talking about you, after reading this. Even if that does not sound you then still these hacks may save you few cents. Remember, money saved is money earned.

1 Adjust the brightness of your TV, Computers and Mobile phones.

Adjust the brightness of your TV, Computers and Mobile phones. As per the light in the room, you should adjust the brightness of your devices. Less brightness will help your eyes as well as will help in reducing power consumption and hence less electricity bill. Every unit counts and your eyes will also thank you.

2 Smart Online Shopping

With so many attractive online deals, easy shopping and fewer trips to shopping malls we are buying things that we may not need also. Tip – Before shopping clear your browser history and cache. Online portals save your searches and might increase the prices of products of your choice. Also, check with yourself if you really need the item that you are buying

3 Make large purchases at the month end.

You may get more discount at month end. Every Salesperson and Stores as well have to meet their sales target. If they fall short of the monthly goals, then they may sell the products at a lower price. You may get buy 1 get 1 free deal also.

4 Yes to cash, no to cards

We are emotionally attached to paper money comparatively plastic one. So use more green money so that you can get the feeling that you are parting with your hard earned money. Also, if you miss paying Credit card bills at the month end, then you may incur some late fee and interest.

5 Keep your roof white, if you can

It may sound turn off, but scientifically the light colors absorb more heat and reflect light better. With a white roof and bright colors, you will save on air-conditioning and electricity.


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